Google Pixel 7

Google is currently preparing the next generation of Pixel smartphone, the Google Pixel 7 which is expected to be released around October 2022. As on the eve of the release of a new Pixel, rumors and details about the future smartphone are multiplying online. Just recently, information was revealed by Steve Hemmerstoffer (Onleaks) famous leaker of confidential information. Here are all the details about this new model in this article.

The physical novelties of the Pixel 7

While the Google pixel 6 continues to sell well since its release in October 2021 and we expect a cheaper version through the Pixel 6a, first information is already circulating about its replacement, the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. With the insolent success of the Google Pixel 6, which even had record sales in the 4th quarter, Google wants to capitalize on it to position its smartphone among the market leaders. A few photos have already leaked on the net about the Pixel 7. First of all, the first images of the device show a very similar design to the Pixel 6. We find indeed the photo module that exceeds the frame of the device and form a slight relief on the entire rear width of the device. Some information about the screen of the new smartphone that would be smaller in its basic model than its predecessor. The race for large screens is over, although the difference is minor. Indeed, the Google Pixel 6 had gained 0.4 inches on the Google Pixel 5 which itself had taken 0.3 inches on the model it replaced. With the Pixel 7, the American manufacturer is backtracking since the smartphone is expected to be between 6.2 and 6.3 inches diagonally. The size of the slab is therefore slightly reduced.

In terms of size, the Pixel 7 will be very close to the Google Pixel 6. There are some minor differences with dimensions of 155.6 x 73.1 x 8.7 mm against 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 mm for the Pixel 6. No information on the weight has been leaked, but we can still expect a slight decrease in weight. According to Onleaks, the rear of the device will feature a camera module in the form of a strip that crosses the shell from side to side. The smartphone will be equipped with two lenses. In its basic version, the Pixel 7 will not have a telephoto lens, unlike the Google Pixel 7 Pro. According to the first images of the Pixel 7, we find the traditional buttons located on the right side of the device. On the other hand, a button appears on the upper edge of the device without knowing what its role will be precisely.

The new technical characteristics of the Pixel 7

On the side of technical characteristics, onleaks has not leaked any information. Other less reliable sources claim that the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro will use a second generation Google Tensor chip. This chip would be equipped with an Exynos 5300 modem. The photos of the Pixel 7 pro make it possible to distinguish three cameras. These are most likely the same cameras as the Pixel 6 pro, namely the wide-angle camera, the ultra wide-angle and the periscope telephoto.

Everything suggests that the Pixel 7 will be a big update of the defects found on the Pixel 6 rather than a model revolutionizing the range by creating a breakthrough in technology and / or design. Indeed, according to several sources, the Pixel 7 from Google will keep some components already mounted on the current Pixel 6. The photo block is concerned by this renewal on the Pixel 7, which seems quite surprising for a smartphone that wants to be the market leader in photophony. Nevertheless, the photo performance of the current model is more than satisfactory, and a renewal of the same characteristics is not a bad thing in itself. The Google Pixel 6 is the best among smartphones specialized in photography. Moreover, we should not forget that Google had renewed the same camera lens from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6. The strategy should continue by making the most of the Pixel 6’s photo elements in future models. The improvements of the new model should therefore be made at the hardware level. Perhaps we will see new photo features, but it is still too early to know more.


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