Test of the Roborock Dyad

Roborock presents its latest floor scrubber, the Dyad. This complexly designed cleaner has 2 motors and 3 rollers to clean floors in depth. Will this model meet our expectations? Here is our full review.

Presentation of the Dyad from Roborock

Roborock? This company may not tell you anything? Still little known in France, the very young Chinese company develops intelligent and wireless house cleaning robots. Recently, the group has been developing an internationalization policy to pursue its growth outside its borders, especially in France. The Dyad is one of the brand’s latest robots. It is capable of vacuuming as well as cleaning floors thanks to its rotating rollers. The robot provides end-to-end cleaning as it is also capable of drying the surfaces it cleans. Technically, the device is designed primarily for hard floors such as tiles, parquet, PVC etc. The device is also much more versatile than the upright vacuum cleaner because it also cleans floors, all without a mop please! Offered at 450 euros, the cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be found for less than 400 euros on some famous marketplaces.

Test of the Roborock Dyad
Test of the Roborock Dyad

A bulky and impractical robot despite the manufacturer’s efforts

When unpacking the product, the robot impresses by its imposing volume. Indeed, the Dyad from Roborock is a device that will take up a lot of space in your closets. The cordless robot vacuum cleaner is rather bulky which is reflected in its weight, which is around 5 kilos. Despite the presence of wheels installed under the brushes that allow the robot to move more easily, the weight will still be felt after several minutes of use. This weight is explained by the presence of two water tanks, one for clean water with a capacity of 620 ml and the other for dirty water with a capacity of 850 ml. In use, the robot suffers from a lack of agility. The weight of the device is unfortunately felt on its maneuverability. Indeed, the Dyad is not very agile, and the brush does not go easily into the corners, or under low furniture. This can quickly frustrate the user if he is a maniac.

Roborock’s Dyad features

The robot makes up for its weight with its remarkable practicality and versatility. In fact, the Dyad has a small, practical display that gives information on the remaining autonomy, information on the maintenance of the device, the cleaning mode used, whether it is automatic or Max mode, or the activation of the drying mode. In automatic mode, the device is able to detect very dirty areas on which it will be necessary to insist a little more than usual. When the device detects a very dirty area, an indicator light will light up in red to warn the user and indicate that it will be necessary to insist precisely on this area of the floor.

The Chinese manufacturer also thought of integrating 3 buttons, all present on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. The first one is used to start and turn off the device, the second one to activate the automatic mode or the water absorption mode and the last one to start the automatic cleaning thanks to the rotating rollers. In addition, the intelligent vacuum cleaner comes with its docking station, which allows it not only to recharge but also, as its name suggests, to accommodate it when it is not in operation. Beware, however, because contrary to all expectations, the device is not capable of standing alone without support on its docking station. In use, the Roborock intelligent vacuum cleaner is rather noisy with 63 decibels when used in auto mode, against 65 decibels in max mode. The robot even goes up to 67 decibels when the automatic cleaning mode is activated. For daily use, this can quickly become tiresome.

Roborock’s multipurpose robot is tested in real life

Roborock has intelligently designed the rollers of the vacuum cleaner. The Dyad vacuum cleaner has two motors that work separately to operate the three rollers. This technology, called DyadPower, offers a two-in-one solution to replace both the classic vacuum cleaner and the mop. Thus, 2 of the 3 brushes are located at the back of the head, and are placed on the same axis. These 2 brushes turn in the opposite direction, which allows you to vacuum up liquids spilled on your floor in a single pass, unlike a more traditional upright vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the Dyad from Roborock vacuums and washes, but it is also able to dry the floors, which allows it to leave dry floors after its passage. Nevertheless, during the test, we noticed that the Dyad left a little moisture after the first pass. On a hard floor, it took a few handfuls of minutes (less than 5) for it to dry completely. Nothing too bad in the end. During the wash test, we were pleased with the performance of the unit as the 3 brushes manage to quickly clean most of the stains left on the floor. When the device indicates that it is necessary to slightly insist on certain stains, it was indeed necessary to make sometimes up to 4 round trips to completely remove the stain from the floor. So, for example, for sweet drink stains, it will be necessary to return several times on the stain to clean it completely. For kitchen grease stains, especially oil, the device is very effective since only 2 passes were necessary to get rid of it. In the chimney soot simulation test, the appliance stands out from the majority of its competitors because it does not leave any black streaks on the floor. Finally, the Roborock Dyad guarantees the same performance levels as its main competitors such as the Dreame H11 Max, although the latter offers an additional roller. However, it still lags behind the market leader, the Kärcher FC 7, which, with its four rollers, can remove tough stains in record time, sometimes even in a single pass. On the other hand, it is worth noting that the vacuum cleaner is not at all effective for carpets. But it is not made for that since it is primarily intended for hard floors.

What about the autonomy of the device?

The Roborock Dyad integrates a battery of 5000 mAh, which, according to the manufacturer, ensures the cleaning of a surface of 280 square meters in a single recharge. In reality, the robot offers an autonomy slightly exceeding the 40 min in automatic mode, and an autonomy slightly lower than 25 min in max mode which corresponds more or less to what the manufacturer indicates. As you can see, the robot is fully capable of meeting the expectations of customers for daily use. On the other hand, it will take more than 3 hours for a complete recharge. Although this is quite long, the Roborock Dyad offers a rather fast recharge, compared to its main competitors. And anyway, at the end of each use, the robot is placed on its base which makes it difficult to discharge the battery completely during use. To check the autonomy of the battery in time, after hundreds of use.

How to maintain the Dyad intelligent vacuum cleaner?

The maintenance of the Dyad from Roborock is rather simple. Indeed, the two water tanks can be removed from the unit without any problem. The dirty water tank has a HEPA filter that traps very fine dust particles and prevents them from escaping into the living room. This filter does not need to be changed during the life of the robot, which is highly appreciable. In addition, the intelligent vacuum cleaner has a grid to collect all solid waste. The only problem is that from time to time you will have to dismantle the rollers to remove the waste that has become stuck in them.

The Dyad is also an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that will make your daily life easier. Indeed, you will be warned by a sound or light signal when the dirty or clean water tanks are full. If your rollers are too dirty, the intelligent vacuum cleaner will give you a comment on the screen to indicate that it is time to start the automatic cleaning system. This program will activate the rollers at high speed over several cycles to clean them. Everything is explained in the maintenance section of the device’s user manual. However, it should be noted that the automatic program is not perfect as the rollers retain some dirt despite several cleaning cycles. For a deep cleaning of the rollers, it is therefore preferable to put them in the machine.

Our opinion on the Roborock Dyad robot

Roborock Dyad is an uncommon but very efficient device. It is a good hard floor scrubber that accumulates many good points. Thanks to the combination of the 3 rollers, you will be able to achieve a complete cleaning of the floor, from washing to vacuuming and drying. The tests went smoothly and the robot did very well in all circumstances. But you should not rely on this robot to clean your carpets. In addition, the Dyad is quite bulky and heavy despite the manufacturer’s good will to assist the movements thanks to the rollers. Finally, we regret the absence of a parking mode, which seems to us to be essential on this type of product.

All in all, the Dyad is a smart purchase that will save you time by combining vacuuming, washing and drying on hard floors.


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